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  • rb sourcing

    Sourcing and Embedded Development

    We provide high-quality software development resources in the nearshoring location in Belgrade. If you need Embedded, Java, .NET, PHP or mobile developers, you are in the right place. We provide an all-in service, you can concentrate on your core business. We do the whole rest.

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  • rb testing


    We offer you support for all relevant testing and project management issues – red bird GmbH will provide a test manager, an assessment of your testing project or organization, coaching for your testing resources or a project manager. Take advantage of years of experience we have in test management, testing and project management.

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  • rb risk minimation

    Risk minimization

    A lot of people are unsettled about nearshoring and this is normal. Questions like this rise automatically: what kind of country is this? Are people there well educated? How about work ethics there? What happens if something goes wrong?

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Do you need SW development resources?
Let us take care of that.
Embedded Software Development?
This is our passion!
Do you need support for testing?
We will help you.
rb why us

Why us?

Because we can accurately analyze the problems you are facing, propose the most efficient solutions and accompany and consult you.

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