Risk minimization

How we lower your nearshoring risks?

A lot of people are unsettled about nearshoring and this is normal. Questions like this rise automatically: what kind of country is this? Are people there well educated? How about work ethics there? What happens if something goes wrong?
We make sure that you understand the situation, we mitigate the risks efficiently and make sure that your use of our nearshoring service becomes a success!


We explain in detail what we do

We will listen to your needs very carefully. Then we will explain to you exactly what we offer, what we do and what are your benefits and risks. You will know exactly what to expect. Good communication is essential.


On-site consulting and support during the setup

The setup phase is often the most difficult part of the process. We help you on site during this phase and make sure that the start is smooth. We have developed a 3-phase plan of the project setup and will help you to ramp up your development activities in the most efficient way.


Regular on-site meetings and feedback rounds

red bird GmbH is a Swiss company from Bern. We practice to have regular meetings with our customer to make sure that the customer requirements are well understood and met, and that our nearshore teams are fully integrated into your projects. In these regular meetings, we can identify possible problems and work out a plan to fix them.


We communicate openly

Always. When things are running well, then everybody is happy. Sometimes, however, things go wrong. We make sure that even then you get the information immediately and that the communication flow doesn’t stop.


Point to point communication

A very good practice is to appoint a senior developer on both sides as a single point of contacts. Normally, experienced developers understand each other very well and communicate very openly and efficiently. This helps the whole team to homogenize.


Visits at your company

Depending on the need, on-site visits of the developer(s) from the nearshore team at your company are possible. It is often very good to meet somebody in person and shake his/her hand. This helps in building up the trust and the communication, especially in the start phase.