Some people claim that nearshoring has become a fashion lately. Only that? There are some very good reasons why you should think seriously about a possibility of near-shoring a part of your development efforts.

Good developers are rare

Now tell: can you always find enough qualified SW developers? Probably not. Indeed: good developers are precious. Every year the demand/supply ratio for qualified software engineers gets worse.
Do you also struggle with expensive and inefficient recruiting? Do you also pay high fees to headhunters for every resource they provide to you?
Have you been thinking about the Swiss referendum on 9th February 2014: is it going to become even more complicated to find good developers?
All of them are good reasons to think about nearshore development. And we will support you in these efforts.

Have you also been thinking: wow, this project is going to cost me a fortune! Software engineers are expensive in Switzerland.
But, there is an alternative to that: software developers in a near country, the same time zone and only 1.5 hours flight from Zürich…

Development on site is expensive

Administration and additional costs

As your company is growing, you have to take care of all this: pay to roll, working facilities, IT and other infrastructure, team leads, HR, training, performance measurements…
Everything but your core business – software development. How nice would it be if someone else would take care of all this and I could focus on what I really want?

This is a tricky one. Some software development companies claim that they have reached the ceiling in the motivation of their people.
Some developers have, unconsciously, become aware of their status: there are enough job offerings on the market, I can switch whenever I want.
This doesn’t really stimulate motivation sometimes.