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Test managment

You are planning a project, but you need an experienced test manager. Somebody who has already done tons of projects in various industries. Small projects with only a couple of people involved, or large and strategic ones with planned testing costs of several million?
We can offer you exactly such a test manager. Somebody who is able to quickly scan your situation and lead a testing project from the very beginning until a successful rollout.
Test automation and performance testing are not unknown to us, we can consult your project in this area too.


Are you having problems to keep your software quality high? Release after release similar things happen: undiscovered problems go live, a performance of your applications is poor, the users complain, operations have troubles keeping the systems running. You have engaged more people to do testing, but you are having only a limited success.

Well, your testing process might need an improvement. Maybe you lack qualified resources to coach your test managers? Do you start testing too late? The added value of testing is not being recognized? Do you have problems with test environments, deployment process, test data? And you really don’t get this agile development?

We can help you evaluate your testing process, we can make proposals for the improvements and can support you implementing them.

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Process assessment


rb crowd testing


Have you already struggled with the test of your mobile application? So many OS’s, so many devices, so many software versions…

It has almost become impossible to cover all these requirements in your test lab. But, we can help you with it.

Crowdtesting is a new and superb testing technique. We have thousands freelance tester on our crowd testing platform who can start a test cycle within a day. We can choose our test crew according to your requirements: which devices, which OS’s, which languages etc. We can closely choose the test team, that will test your app focusing on things important to you.

We will test your application through and deliver you bugs found and a test report. And you will be saving money with it, you will see.


You need somebody to coach your testing resources and line management? Your testing organization might be a young one without a lot of experience? Or you need knowhow in a specific area in a certain time slot?

We can offer you coaching of the whole organization, line management or individual coaching of your test managers and testers.

Please contact us to discuss your needs – individual coaching, group lessons or supervision of your training.

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