What we offer

Make it short: we offer you highly qualified development resources in our nearshore facilities in Belgrade. These skilled people will be focused on your project and deliver work that certainly of the same quality as with local resources. At the same time, you will be saving more than 50% of your staff costs. How about having 10 skilled developers on a project instead of 5, for instance? Have a look… We offer you:

rb all in flat rate

An all-in, flat-rate service

We will provide you resources on an all-in base. What you get is:

  • flat rate development resources: we guarantee 40 hours from each developer every week
  • all salary costs and all social allowances are included
  • the work infrastructure: full office facilities, IT infrastructure and communication means are included
  • continuous language and technical training are included
  • local management and support, administration, payrolling, recruitment and other costs are included
  • no T&M, no additional costs, no hidden costs

We take care of everything. You can fully focus on what you actually want to do: to develop good software!


You will have a dedicated development team. After we have analyzed your needs and found out about your specific requirements, we will build a team of developers for you. And only for you. This means:

  • a part of your project team will only sit in Belgrade. They will other way be fully integrated into your organization
  • the teams work for you and reports to you only. Of course, our management in the nearshore site will make sure the team has all it needs to work fully focused on your project
  • we make no fluctuation, no personal rotations. This means: when we carefully choose and build up a team for you, it will stay stable. We don’t rotate people every three months, we don’t replace seniors with juniors after some time to lower costs. Your team is yours, period. If you are happy with it, it will remain like this over months.
rb dedicated

A dedicated development team


rb highly qualified

Highly qualified technical resources

Our specialty is a development of the backend PHP applications. However, we have expertise in most state of the art technologies:

  • Java, .NET, PHP, HTML, XML, CSS and further
  • we offer three levels of developer maturity: Junior, Professional, Senior
  • all our developers hold an M.Sc. or a B.Sc. degree
  • they are all young and very motivated people, eager to work on a foreign state-of-the-art project
  • we attach the greatest importance to continuous training
    • we provide language training for our staff and this is included in the price – you don’t have to take care of this
    • we have a special technical training program. We will be glad to explain to you how this scheme works

We will help you in your company’s office, on site, to establish the process and integrate the nearshore team in your project or line organization. Therefore we have:

  • an accurate 3-phase process for the team integration
  • regular performance reviews on the site and feedback rounds
  • the nearshore team reports directly to your PM or line manager
  • appointment of a senior developer o both sides as SPOC
  • agile development supports frequent and efficient communication

We will follow all of these steps and help you on site to integrate the nearshore development team.

rb on site

On-site support during setup